Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meet KSFR's News Team Video

For years, I've sought to show off our news team, other than their on-the-radio product. Still photos of them just didn't do it for me. Voila! A video. KSFR's website doesn't have its own video-uploading capability. But then You Tube came along. Thanks to team member Dan Gerrity with his video camera, we were able to knock out and post a video quickly and, importantly, for free.

Not everyone's included, of course. Sage Davis and Alan Kalman were not available the week we filmed. But we'll get them later.

It's great to see a radio team -- on video.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cell phone story interpretation?

An unanticipated response came from one listener to KSFR's live report on cell phone scofflaws in Santa Fe. The listener emailed: "Why tell the cops where people can be caught." In fact, we set out to see how many people we could find talking while driving in one hour at one intersection (it was 65) versus the average citation rate per day by Santa Fe police (five a day). Did that listener miss the point? Listen at