Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sacramento pub radio news boosts ratings

The public broadcasting print and online publication Current takes note of news coverage about the news department of the Sacramento, Calif., public radio station.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper reports on the station's ratings and its philosophy, one we also employ at KSFR:

"You won't hear KXJZ reporters, for example, weighing in breathlessly from a stabbing at a Natomas minimart or phoning in a 20-second live report from an Elk Grove house fire. Those are ephemeral events. Rather, KXJZ will take an issue in the news and cover all sides in news reports and features often lasting as long as four minutes, unheard of on commercial news stations."

The article says KXJZ ranks fourth among the 40 stations in that city.

The Sacramento Bee requires free registration to read the full article..

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