Saturday, January 5, 2008

Osama dead? part 2

The BBC has finally said something about the missing sentence in the Frost-Bhutto interview.

Website Editor Steve Herrman blogs Jan. 4, 2008, that "Ms Bhutto made what was, on the face of it, an astonishing allegation - that Osama Bin Laden had been murdered by Omar Sheikh. The claim was brief, and went unchallenged by Sir David Frost. Under time pressure, the item producer responsible for publishing the video on the BBC website edited out the comment, with the intention of avoiding confusion. The claim appeared so unexpected that it seemed she had simply mis-spoken. However, editing out her comment was clearly a mistake, for which we apologise, and it should not have happened."

Astonishing equals "news" any day of the week.

If the video editor paused because this "astonishing revelation" (even "on the face of it") appeared to be news, then the intervening two months should have seen some fact-checking by BBC.

We can therefore assume these facts will be presented when the fully restored video is re-posted to the BBC website.

Correct assumption, Mr. Herrmann?

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