Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top KSFR web views of 2007

I just took a look at the stats for the most viewed stories on KSFR.Org Local News for the full year 2007. Thousands hit these stories.

1: Dec. 19 Tom Udall on LANL job cuts (Podcast) Congressman Tom Udall on job cuts at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
He tells KSFR the current round of job cuts at the Los Alamos National Laboratory is the result of the lab's privatization. He also points to how the lab might diversify its scientific work.

2. Aug. 28 At Noon midday report (Podcast)
Congressman Tom Udall who wanted the US Attorney General impeached says Alberto Gonzales' troubles may not be behind him, even though he's quit his job.

Plus, Gov. Bill Richardson is spending a whale of a lot of money in Iowa. A news report says he may be among the big spenders there.
And we'll talk with a former staff writer for the Albuquerque Tribune as we learn that that afternoon newspaper may be changing hands or worse shutting its presses.

3. Dec. 4 Privatization at the Los Alamos national lab (Podcast)
The question has to be raised - is privatization of the Los Alamos National Lab working? The lab is planning to get rid of as many as 750 jobs - equal to $100 million off the budget. Perhaps coincidentally that number equals the profit the management company was promised to get for managing the lab under the new privatization set up, plus a good portion of the extra gross receipts sales taxes it has to pay because, unlike the previous contract holder, it is a for-profit partnership. We put the question to New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman - is privatization of the lab working?

4. Aug. 2 At Noon midday report (Podcast) We talk with the state Motor Vehicle Division about the new drivers license rules.

Cockfighting in New Mexico is now illegal. But what about dog fighting?

Congressman Tom Udall on why he's co-sponsoring a resolution to impeach the U.S. Attorney General.

5 Meet KSFR's news team (Video)

6. Sept. 4 At Noon midday report (Podcast) Did New Mexico's largest utility use the same accounting methods as that famous bankrupt Houston company named Enron?

A Santa Fe-based Think Tank is urging state lawmakers to dump a state law that has the state Public Regulation Commission set the rates for homeowner title insurance.

Good news for Santa Fe bicyclists.

We hear from the oldest rider taking part in the Great Santa Fe Trail horse race.

Aug. 22 At Noon midday report (Podcast)

About those credit cards in your wallet or purse - they could be costing you extra money.

Sheriff Greg Solano wants a new job - he'll tell us about his run for the job of lieutenant governor.

An environmentalist explains the problems he sees with New Mexico's latest foray into renewable energy.

And the former federal prosecutor for New Mexico has signed a book deal about his wrangles with the Bush administration.

8. Polling places -- School Board election

9. Supervisor of troubled Texas nuclear plant moved to Los Alamos (Podcast)"

The federal official in charge of overseeing a Texas nuclear-weapons plant where workers are complaining about safety issues has been transferred to oversee the Los Alamos National Laboratory's nuclear weapons operations.
Los Alamos Site Office Manager Dan Glenn has not returned our call for comment. But we talk to a watchdog group about charges critical of the Texas facility that were aired in a Los Angeles Times article.

10. Dec. 14: KSFR News files complaint against Santa Fe County Commission"

KSFR's letter of protest over a county commissioner's holding a closed-door meeting (no media invited or allowed in).

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