Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's been a year since ...

...I first wrote a memo. And the blogosphere continues to bring it up.

It was a memo to the news staff, asking them not to read wire service or newspaper stories with unattributed quotes by high administration officials talking about Iraq or any of the Axis of Evil powers. Why? There had been too many set-up stories, promoting the administration's agenda.

Was I ever surprised when that memo went around the world. It's still out there.

As I said at the time in a media interview: "Why am I being interviewed? I'm in the media, after all. Isn't this what we do -- check it out? Am I the only guy hanging out there alone?

Still, it's a curiosity that my memo is still being quoted, as in this blog, exactly a year later.

This public broadcasting trade magazinewrote about it at the time.

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