Saturday, February 2, 2008

NYT still "coming clean" on Iraq

The New York Times is still trying to "come clean" years after I stopped reading it because of Judith Miller's shilling for the administration. They've already apologized for that.

Now, the public editor in her blog asks the question, why didn't the Times and other media write about criticism of media coverage of the Iraq occupation delivered by the general who was in charge of all forces in Iraq at the time of Abu Ghraib. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez delivered the media a rebuke in the same breath he blasted the administration for its "incompetent" management of the war.

Good question. Why not write about his comments on the media? The Times tries to explain it this way: "Sanchez is an important figure in the history of U.S. involvement in Iraq, and if his criticisms of the administration were worth front-page play, his criticisms of the news media were also worth reporting." See the full mea culpa.

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